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Wilmington Sharks Choose TOPS Athletics Sports & Wellness Complex as Official Strength & Conditioning Facility

As a part of their commitment to improving the well-being of the athletic landscape of the Wilmington community, TOPS Athletics has opened its doors to the Wilmington Sharks. Their new Sports & Wellness Complex spans over 40,000 square feet with indoor and outdoor training space. The TOPS Performance Coaches are also the Official Strength & Conditioning Coaches of Cape Fear Community College Athletics.

Located in Dutch Square off Market Street near Ogden, the TOPS Complex houses an 8,000 square foot wellness center comprised of a General Fitness Dept, Nutrition Bar & WiFi Lounge, Yoga Studio, Conference Room, & Sports Med Dept. TOPS is also one of the area’s primary employers of the Synergy ONE Wellness & Performance Lab, which provides Exercise Physiology services, including clinical metabolic & biomarker testing, individualized nutrition programs, and human performance testing with training plans & exercise Rxs. Their unique expertise & technology provide Sharks players and TOPS Athletics clients alike with a personalized, data-driven exercise and nutrition plan, based on extensive and accurate testing.

          Jeff Smith and Ryan Gillespie of TOPS Athletics are both faculty members at UNC-Wilmington. Smith teaches Physiology of Exercise & Sport, as well as Sport Management, while Gillespie teaches Measurement & Evaluation of Human Physical Performance. With a strong basis in academia, Smith, Gillespie, & their multidisciplinary Team of Health & Wellness Professionals base their decisions & plans on scientific evidence in order to help transform the lives of anybody & everybody who walks through the doors at TOPS Athletics.

          Smith hopes that Wilmingtonians will look at TOPS Athletics not just as a place to train & exercise - but Smith hopes to utilize the 12,000 square-foot TOPS Field House Multipurpose Sports and Activity Center to host community & corporate events, festivals, concerts, camping, and birthday parties. In addition to the state of the art facilities, clinical testing services, and professional staff, TOPS Athletics is home to Sly Fox Wrestling Club, anchored by three-time NCAA DII All-American Wrestler Coach Willie Hilton.

          The Wilmington Sharks will use TOPS Athletics Sports & Wellness Complex to workout leading up to, and throughout the 2017 Summer Season, which begins May 30th, 2017 and runs through mid-August.       

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